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About me

My name is Lars Berg and I was born in 1951. As I have lived through the decades I have collected some experience. My parents moved around a lot and so have I. So there are many places in Sweden and Denmark that I have called ”home”.

Now I live and work in Klemensker in Bornholm and to some extent in Halmstad Sweden. Seven years ago I left my earlier life of teaching and school-managing to enter the lovely, what I call, phase of irrelevans in life. In other words, I retired. That gave me the freedom to do what I really wanted to do for a long time and since then I have been working with art every day.

My art

I guess I can say that my art is driven by ideas and fantasy rather than a wish to recreate nature. On the other hand one might say that ideas and fantasy is a part of, at least human, nature. Words, language, music, architecture as well as other artists works interests me a lot.

I work in a storytelling style with influences from church windows, comics, posters and historical art. For myself I describe it as in a borderland between traditional art and comics.

I work with pens, brushes and pencils on various materials. I also build boxes with interieurs.

Moonlight County Project

In the pandemic year of 2020 I have like so many others put myself in quarantine. That has meant meeting a minimum of people but also to be given time to reflect on the conditions we live under. An idea grew and became a theme for my work for this year. The Moonlight County.

The county is a space or a domain in an alternate world. This upper world is a place of piece and calm. Not always though. Dramatic things happen every now and then. The society is built on trust and good behavior and the people there are just like any other people, neither good nor bad. There are no elected leaders, no health care institutions or police. The Hand takes care of all such issues. If you misbehave repeatedly– you´re out.

Since this is an upper world, gravity behaves a bit differently from down here. Time is another thing that differs from the earthly way and darkness is seen as a friend. This makes the Moonlight County a place where most things are possible and where you can expect the unexpected.


All the artwork on this website is for sale. They are all original drawings and paintings. Some of them might be available as Giclée reproductions.

My affordable prices will not be presented on this site but if anyone is interested in buying, ask questions or if you would like to comment on anything – please contact me by email or call me. I will answer as soon as I can.


Bastaskärs Båthus
Galleri Bastaskär
2017 Bastaskärs Båthus

Albany Nordiska Filt

Halmstad Art and Design

Strandgården Vilshärad